Coming Home Strong - Joanna and Jeremy

About Us

Call the doctor, we’ve caught the travel bug.

We’ve been travelling the world since 2010, trying to make our dreams become reality.

We are Jeremy and Joanna, we are both Physiotherapists and have been putting our skills to work, while experiencing the best this planet has to offer. We’ve lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and England.

We are dedicated to staying healthy and active while on the road. After all, if you are not able to walk around a new city, what is the point?

Over the years, we have travelled to more than 60 countries and we have been through the highs and lows of what living out of a suitcase can offer. Follow us on our journey and we will share with you the best tips, tricks and hacks we can to make your journey a smooth one.

See you sometime, somewhere in the world!



About Jeremy

Born in the suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand, I’ve always been an ‘outdoors guy’, from hiking, running, swimming, kayaking, cycling – I love it all.

Life was going pretty good. I had scored a century in my last cricket match for my school, I moved to Dunedin to study physiotherapy at the University of Otago, I was crowned ‘Miss Physio 2006’ – a competition where the blokes in the course dressed in drag to impress our lecturers. I was flying!

Years later, I graduated as a physiotherapist, secured a good job in Christchurch, but life was about to change.

I had booked an 8 week trip to Africa with a good mate and while overseas came down with a serious case of travel bugitis. We met the founder of whilst over there, and this gave me the idea of travel blogging. After a life changing trip overseas, I used this as a turning point in life. My city had just been rocked by a severe earthquake, and while I felt like I needed to stay, I had a burning desire to go.

To Europe I went, on a two year working visa in the UK. I picked up some work fairly easy as a physio, and worked my way around the UK, I met some friends I believe I will have for life, and eventually crossed paths with Joanna, who is now my wife.

I truly believe, things happen in life for a reason, and if it wasn’t for my trip to Africa, the earthquake in Christchurch, or even my success in swimwear in 2006, then I may not have travelled to 50+ countries, and may have never had the chance to inspire travellers from around the world, young and old.

To date, I’ve chased tornadoes in the USA, ran with the bulls in Spain, snorkeled between the tectonic plates of America and Europe, jumped out of the plane in Switzerland, ran half marathons all over the world, and this desire is not petering out.

My mantra, which was a catch phrase made up by a great friend, is Make Sh*t Happen. You just have to do it. Life is not a free ride in a fancy car, go out there and get it, tiger.



About Joanna

After finishing my physiotherapy degree in 2009, I didn’t actually love working as a physio, so much so that I thought about giving it up and doing something completely different.

In 2012 I decided to do some volunteer work in a hospital in Mae Sot – a Thailand town near the border of Burma. There I met some amazing people from all over the world, and fell in love with physiotherapy again. It was here that I realised what a difference physiotherapy could make in the life of someone. After my short stint there I wrote a letter to the board of that hospital explaining why they needed a physiotherapist and the next year they had found a full-time physio for a 2 year placement! Simply writing that letter (and it’s outcome) is probably one of the greatest thing I have done in my life.

After that experience I was ready for physio again but I got caught up in the job cog, went back to my old work and the hating-my-job cycle started again. So in 2013 I packed up my life up and moved to London. I was so nervous about traveling by myself so I booked myself onto a 35 day Topdeck tour of Europe. I thought that by doing this I would have a better idea what to do when I travel to European places alone. On that trip I met some great people that have remained friends for life.

When the trip ended I went to a crazy music festival in Scotland and met my future husband (we didn’t start dating until months later… music festivals with a lot of alcohol and no showers for 3 days do not always make the best impressions)!

While in London, Jeremy and I had so many amazing adventures together. I ended up working in some great hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital and once again fell in love with physiotherapy.

In November 2015 we took a trip to China where Jeremy proposed on the Great Wall of China and one year later we married in Melbourne, Australia.

Life hasn’t always been smooth sailing but it hasn’t stopped me doing some super cool things. Some of these things include learning to SCUBA dive, driving a Mustang Convertible from New Orleans to Chicago, swimming with crocodiles in Darwin, walking along the Great Wall of China, being helicoptered into the Grand Canyon, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina in Spain and riding camels in Egypt.

Getting married hasn’t stopped our crazy travels. Our plans are bigger than ever… stayed tuned for some epic stories coming soon.