Why you should join a running club, and how I won $1000 at my club

It is no secret that we love running, and recently we joined a running club. 

But “why join a running club when you can just go running anywhere by yourself”, you ask?

You could also ask “why do people pay extortionate amounts to run a race when you can just wake up at a normal hour and go for a run“. But people do.

Why join a running club?

The main reasons we joined a running club was that we wanted to meet new people with the same drive to cross the finish line. We also wanted to improve our ‘stats’ and in doing so receive more kudos on Strava.

Let’s be honest, you don’t push yourself as hard when you are by yourself compared to when you are in a group. Even doing one session a week with a club will break up the mundane ‘plod plod plod’ you do three or four times a week. With a change in pace and rest intervals, you will notice improvements in your running in no time.

The Crosbie Crew is a running club based in central Melbourne who train most days of the week and welcome anyone from high-level runners, to people just getting into it.

The Crosbie Crew running club

First of all, there seems to be no shortage of members, as they have a lot of people turn up each week. You would think that the Winter months put people off turning up int he dark for an evening run, but there are still over 50 people who turn up on the Tuesday sessions, with these numbers swelling in Summer.

What’s more, these members all have one thing in common, they love to run!

There are different sessions each week so your improvements don’t plateau. Each session, you are split into different groups, depending on what you want to work on that week – endurance, speed or skills. The membership costs a minimal fee when you think of the benefits it will bring you – if you are wondering how much it costs then sacrifice just one coffee a month and you would have paid your yearly membership!

We love heading along every Tuesday for a bit of sweaty banter, but they train most days of the week and it is great to see so many other people training for their upcoming events. 

runners shillohette

Enough about that, you want to know how I won $1000 right?

Well, thanks to the Crosbie Crew running club and Dr. Karen Holzer, there was a grant up for grabs to make a runner’s dreams come true – the Dr. Karen Holzer award. 

I jumped at the opportunity to explain the ups and downs of my running experiences, from a recent broken toe, to completing a half marathon with only 12 days training!

I also made sure to include the fact that we are lucky to be heading south next year and will be running a marathon in Antarctica!

See my entry here which includes a picture of me running, a broken toe and a nice rack. Medal rack that is.

I have set some pretty good goals, one of them to keep the giblets warm throughout the whole race – which might be easier said than done!

I would also like to finish with a time of under five hours. My ‘PB’ (personal best, for all those non-runners) is 4h 30m when I ran the London marathon holding a rugby ball the whole way – I have a knack for making things harder for myself.

Where does this leave me and the running club? I will be keeping everyone up to date with the latest in my training, and of course, will try to get a sweaty selfie with some penguins when we reach the last continent!

start line running club race

Happy running!