How we are training for the Antarctica marathon and plan to beat the penguins

antarctica marathon

The festive season is coming up, and I am planning on going for a gentle half-marathon-length run on Christmas morning. This is in preparation for the Antarctica marathon that Jo and I are doing in March next year.

What? A gentle half marathon on Christmas morning? You must be nuts!

Wait. Did you also say that you are running a marathon in Antarctica? Is that even a thing?

Welcome to our life for the next few months. You, our loyal readers all know that we have caught the running bug and couldn’t be happier. Even though December is the busiest month of the year, the boost that running gives us to our physical and mental wellbeing means that we are still ticking over and smashing goals left, right and center.

But how does one prepare for such a race in the deep south, against extreme climates, while enjoying the sunny Australian skies over Summer?

Let me tell you.

running on mountainside

Well, we can’t try to simulate the weather. Unless we went down to the local bottle store and hung out on a tredmill in their freezer, unfortunatley there is no way around this.

Instead, we are swaying the other way, and trying to build up our mental toughness so our minds are strong and we can overcome any doubts that may creep in. Australia has some gnarly heat waves, and when you are pushing hard in 35 degrees celcius you learn a lot about yourself. We think this will put us in good stead for the race, when we are in the sub-zero climate.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable” – US Navy Seals

So far, my training programme from our running group, the Crosbie Crew looks like this:

Week one is a casual 20km, running around Melbourne, lubricating my joints and blasting excess fat.

Week two ups the ante slightly where I put in a bit more effort to complete 52km during the week – more than I have ever run in any week before.

Week three is a nice taper week, and I only have to run 18km this week. Easy.

And so on.

crosbie crew marathon training programme

Slowly but surely, I will get there.

Having only run one marathon in my life and not having any sort of training programme for it back then, this one is going to be a little bit different, so am excited to see what the journey towards the start line holds.

The training programme is going to be something I have never experienced before, and I know that I will have to keep my body in check. This is why I wear Formthotics to help support my feet all day long, get monthly deep tissue massages to work out the tight spots, and go to the gym to strengthen my core muscles which will keep my form strong during the whole race.

I will also be adopting a strong mental game, and live by my mantra – ‘Make Sh*t Happen’.

Medal hangar

There are going to be a few questions that I have to answer over the next few months. What do I wear? Will we be running on snow? Will I get seasick on the two day boat crossing from South America to the last continent?

The one thing I do know is that once the start gun goes off, it will be me versus the penguins to see who crosses the line first.

Help to keep us inspired, tell us how your running goals are going and what you have coming up next.