Nothing is original – but we do it anyway

nothing is original

A few months ago, we went to a blogging conference. Do you know those events where you hear so much great information but only remember one or two points? The main thing I remember from this conference is that nothing is original. Everything has already been said and written… and that is really depressing.

The last book I read stated that every mistake you could ever make has already been made by people before you. Not even our mistakes are original!

My three favourite TV shows are all the same – Friends, How I Met you Mother and the Big Bang Theory. All a bunch of 20-something-year-olds, all hanging out in a coffee house/bar/living room and all have the same damn plot line– beautiful girl falls in love with the nerdy guy, they date, they break up, they date. It is all the same.

Pop songs continue to use the exact same chords as each other. Check out the Axis of Awesome’s 4 chord song (seriously, if you have not heard this, leave this site right now and be prepared for five minutes of awesomeness…). 

Movies are all similar (girl and guy fall in love, there is some misunderstanding, they break up, then they figure it out and they fix their relationship). Food copies from other food (think home brands and Aldi foods). Fashion has been done before, and every single blog post has been done too… it’s all just a little bit of history repeating.

If you jump onto almost any travel blog there will be a post about:

This is not just happening with travel blogs, it’s fashion blogs, fitness blogs and food blogs… everything to be said has been said.

So why do we even bother? There are over 4.6 billion websites, over 130 millions books, over 250 thousand podcasts all with information and more authority on different subjects than other bloggers and people can hope to have.

Why do we continue to produce content that has already been produced?

Have you ever been to a church? Have you ever been to a church for a consecutive amount of time that they start telling you the same stories over and over again? There are only so many stories in the Bible, so once you have told every story, well, you just start telling them again. For example, the Christmas nativity story. We all know it so well because we have been told it every Christmas – in plays, in stories, in movies, in clay figurines, puppets, a play in a play… they continue to find new ways to tell the same story.

As a physiotherapist when you meet someone that needs to change their lifestyle due to weight or pain, honestly, they have probably been told it all before. The trick is to find a way to tell them what they need to do in a way that actually matters to them.

We have all been told that one story or taught that same life lesson over and over again, but it isn’t until someone tells you it in the way you need to hear it that you actually take heed and listen.

We all come from different experiences, different cultures, places and ages. We say the same things but in a different way that can relate to different people. Everyone’s authority is different due to their own background. What we do and what we say may not be original, but we are. We are all original. There is only one of me and only one of you and there is such power in that. Though we tell the same stories and give the same advice, I tell it with all of my own authority and my own experience. Because of that, my words will be original. 

So go and tell that story and give that advice that you learned from someone else. Though we borrow and take ideas from others, we remold them and shape them ourselves. We put a little of ourselves into the stories and we tell it our own way. So the same stories will be continued to be told, on different platforms, in different mediums, in different ways.

Yes, no story is original, but the way YOU tell it is.