7 Great Things To Do In Croatia (that aren’t sailing)

7 great things to do in Croatia

Everyone seems to be going to Croatia these days and sailing around the islands. It’s becoming one of the most popular things to do for anyone taking a trip to Europe.

Matt Conlon from Journey Seals is here to tell us that there’s a lot more to do in Croatia other than just sailing around islands drinking beer and wine. “I spent a few weeks exploring Croatia on separate trips in 2015 and 2017. Here are 7 more things that you can do if you decide to stay a little longer.”

Visit Waterfalls
Croatia Waterfall

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Croatia. The colour of the water and the waterfalls there is what makes this place so special – it’s like nowhere else I’ve seen. You can head to Plitvice lakes as a day trip from Zagreb, Split or anywhere in between. If you have time though, it’s worth spending a couple of days there to fit in some of the other hikes and activities in the area.

Take a day trip to Bosnia

From Split or Dubrovnik, it’s only a couple of hours and you’ll be somewhere in Bosnia. If you don’t have time to spend a few nights in Bosnia, at least take a day trip to somewhere like Mostar, where you can watch people jumping off the famous bridge there. If you’re keen you can jump too, but you need to do a course and a bit of training first…

Check out the Museum of Broken Relationships
Croatia Museum of Broken Relationships

A really odd concept for a museum. Despite that, you’ll find yourself reading every word of every exhibit and still wanting more.  People from all over the world drop off items here that symbolise their broken relationship, and with it leave a story of how the relationship ended. It’s really unique, a little heart-breaking, and great fun to read.

Visit more Waterfalls
Croatia Waterfalls

Krka National park is another great national park that you can visit in Croatia. It’s a little closer to Split than Plitvice, so it’s easy to do a day trip from there. The good thing about Krka is that unlike Plitvice, you can actually swim in the lakes there too.

Spend a day Kayaking
Kayak in Croatia

If you spend more than a day or two in the national parks, it’s well worth spending a day kayaking down some of the rivers and rapids there. There are plenty of places offering full day kayaking trips, and on some of them you’ll go over some pretty big waterfalls too…

Have a drink with a view
Dubrovnik Croatia

If you’re in Dubrovnik for a few days before or after sailing, be sure to check out Cafe Buza. It’s a little bar that’s just outside the walls of the city, on a small cliff. The views are great, but the drinks are expensive, so maybe just get one.

Learn some history
History Croatia

You can’t really go to Croatia without learning a little about its history. Croatia was involved in a war as recently as 1995 with the breakup of Yugoslavia. The best way to learn about this history is probably to do a free walking tour in one of the major cities there. The best one that we did was in Zagreb, so put it on your list if you get the chance!


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Matt and Nelson are a couple of Aussie mates who love travelling and also love history.  They are the force behind the Journey Seals Blog, where they write about the things they do and stuff they learn while traveling. 2018 is going to be a big year for the boys, with Matt taking off to Asia and Nelson heading to Europe. Get behind them, follow their travels and learn a bit of history along the way! matt conlonNelson from Journey Seals